Bolo Psychology


Have you had your ration of smiles today? Life with a Bolognese companion will provide a continuous supply of smiles, giggles, grins and outright laughter. The Bolo is a breed that can easily create its own amusement, yet it truly thrives on interacting with its human family. Although the Bolognese can be exuberant in enthusiasm, it is not a nervous dog. It is content to lie at your feet, sit in your lap or snuggle at your side, depending upon what a situation and mood might dictate.

Living with a Bolo is not unlike living with another human. In fact, the Bolo is a very small human-like companion with the ability to sense your every need and to respond to every whim. Did I say they are psychic beyond belief? Oh yes indeedy, they are very intuitive little creatures. Do you feel like laughing and playing? The Bolo will romp and cavort with you. Do you feel somber or sad or contemplative? One of our Bolos will respond with a paw on the cheek to offer love and empathy. The Bolo is an excellent listener, often cocking its head to one side, as if to say, ‘ah yes, I hear you and am thinking this over.’  The Bolognese as a breed has evolved into an ultimate best friend and constant companion to the person who adopts one of them as a member of the family. The Bolognese offers a constant source of amusement and entertainment.

We would like to share some of our insights into the breed that we have gleaned from living with our Bolognese children.

The Bolognese knows that whatever is yours is also theirs.

A quote from some past correspondence: “I was writing my book this morning and had one of my large Japanese tea bowls by the computer. All of the Bolos were snuggling with me so the world was good. Brannoc was by my side and all of a sudden I heard this little snarfling noise. Brannie was looking at me and then shifting his gaze to the tea bowl. I didn’t pay him any regard and continued typing. Within seconds there was another little snarfling noise. When I looked at him he very pointedly looked at me, than at the tea bowl. On the third snarfle I gave up and went to the kitchen, refilled the tea bowl and popped in a few ice cubes. Returning to my seat at the computer I gave my spoiled-rotten Bolo his/my tea. When Amadeo tried to grab a slurp, Brannoc growled. It was HIS tea. I waited until he had his fill, then offered some to Amadeo. Needless to say, all of the Bolos wanted their turn to have a sip. With the tea bowl almost empty, there was not much left for me.” Obviously, I contribute to this kind of behavior because I think it is such a hoot.                                         

                                                                 Brannie sipping/slurping his tea from my tea bowl

Below you will experience a series of photos with Paisley and a baby goat. She has already exhibited the characteristics of a Universal Mother (as described in her story when she rescued the baby chicken). The next few photos will show the baby Paisley investigating a new little doe. And . . . then, you can see what happens.

                          Mmmm, what a beautiful little baby. Doesn't look like a Bolo. Who cares?!!

                                           I can tell she is an orphan. She needs some snuggling.


                                  We need to find a comfortable spot, because I am going to 'goat-sit'.

                                                            Is this a mother's heaven, or what!!??

           If there is a piece of paper, the Bolo will shread it. Look at our pantry, with Moxie and Savannah                                                                          left to take the blame.

                                                    A Bolo does not do well with a closed door

                    The Bolognese likes to keep you company while you play ‘chef’ in the kitchen.


                    The Bolognese likes to keep you company while you work at the computer.

                 The Bolognese likes to keep you company while you work at the dining room table.


                  The Bolognese always offers to help when it is time to load up the dishwasher.

                                                                                                                    Asleep On The Job

We feel that a supply of fresh organic vegetables is an important part of the canine diet. For some reason, Bolos, children and husbands turn their noses up at the thought of eating veggies. After weeks of watching our dogs eating around the vegetables and leaving them untouched on a tray, I decided to try a new ploy. Our dogs always gather around as I do prep work in the kitchen, hoping that some delicious tidbit will fall to the floor. I began to accidentally “drop” a carrot or green bean. It would immediately be snatched up and carried off to be devoured as a delicious prize. Eventually, I “accidentally” dropped several veggies so that each of them could enjoy a treat. It did not take long before the Bolos began gathering at the refrigerator, dutifully awaiting their treasure. Such snacks are not usually devoured at one sitting, but provide nourishment throughout the day. Because we have tile floors, this method of offering vegetable tidbits is not a problem.

The Bolognese has a sharp sense of hearing, allowing it to perceive the opening of the fridge and the sliding of the crisper drawer . . . Ah, a chance to snag a healthy salad treat!

                                                                                              Caoimhe with her carrot                                            

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