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Our price for a companion/pet Bolo is $1600. Our price for a breeding/show Bolo is $2,000. It is possible to spend much more for one of these rare puppies. It is also possible to find one for less. However, a prospective buyer should beware of a budget-priced Bolognese. A bargain Bolo may not be the best choice -- the old adage that one gets what one pays for is more than true with the purchase of a rare-breed puppy.  At one time these beautiful bundles of white fluff were worth their weight in gold. Only the privileged royals and nobles could ever hope to share their lives with a Bolognese. Thankfully, the price of a Bolo is no longer equivalent to a King's Ransom, but these little ones are still rare and costly.

Because the Bolo was on the brink of extinction after the end of World War II the few remaining dogs were rescued and treasured. Dedicated breeders were commited to restore the Bolo to its previous position of health, distinction and glory. The task has taken decades. As the Bolognese progresses into the twenty-first century its dedicated followers rejoice in the progress of their efforts. Health testing of the sires and dams helps to eliminate potential problems. The search for the best genetics requires a substantial investment and often requires research and global travel. We feel that our kennel represents some of the best genetic lines from breeders around the world.

Millennia ago Hippocrates advocated that people choose food to be their medicine. Such wise counsel is good advice for people, as well as for pets. Our Bolo children are raised with the best human-grade food that is available. The puppies we offer have access each day to grass-fed water buffalo meat, as well as bones with all of the other good things attached; connective tissue, cartilage, and sinew. They are fed raw milk, sometimes made into kefir, a natural antibiotic that boosts their immune system after they have been weaned from 'mum.' It is said that the traditional chinese tried to make sure that a pregnant mother consumed nine eggs a day to provide the proper nourishment for a developing fetus, particularly the brain and nervous system. The future health of our children, whether human or Bolo, starts in the womb and continues through partruition. Once the baby is born the Bolo dam must be given an optimal diet in order to provide for the growth of her little ones.

Many of us have lost beloved dogs and cats before their time. They can succumb to horrific diseases and if we truly are what we eat, then a proper diet can be relied upon to improve health and longevity. Our goal is to present our customers with a raw natural diet based on food from the 'wild', enhanced with Jimmy's garden vegetables and coconut oil. We try to stay on the cutting edge of research. If you take a pet to the vet because it is ill, the cost can be prohibitive. A single visit can wipe away several hundred dollars. There are no 'ribbon wrapped' guarantees for any of us, but we try to do our best to see that our Bolos get a good head start with a body bolstered by the best genetics  and enhanced with an optimal diet. Hopefully, our efforts will allow our clients to enjoy many years of happiness with their new Bolo family member.

There are many wonderful dogs available for those who are not willing to  spend or cannot spend the extra dollars required for the purchase of a rare puppy. Animal shelters are full of pets just waiting to offer their love, devotion, and a wagging tail. The Bolognese is limited in numbers and needs to be adopted by a family willing to make the investment of time, love and money necessary to help ensure the success and continuation of this amazing breed.






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White raveN Bolognese

Contract for A pet/companion puppy




We have taken the appropriate steps to breed and raise a healthy puppy -- and in the future a healthy dog. Clearance for the sire and dam for patellar luxation and eye soundness does not guarantee that there will be no problem in the future. Nonetheless, it makes sense that healthy parents are more likely to produce healthy offspring. Please note that all living creatures are subject to health problems, possibly serious ones, even when there is no history of such problems in the animal’s background.




PRICE: $1600 for a pet/companion puppy. Sales tax is not applicable. The price includes the first vaccination and worming, with our local vet confirming that there are no physical or genetic problems detected.




SELLER guarantees that the puppy is free of life-threatening conditions upon delivery to buyer and recommends a thorough vet examination within the first 72 hours. If, during this said vet examination, a serious condition is diagnosed and is attested to in writing by Buyer’s veterinarian, Seller will provide a mutually agreed upon replacement puppy as soon as one is available.


SELLER guarantees the puppy against the following fatal viruses for 72 hours after leaving White Raven’s care: Distemper, Parvo Virus, and Corona Virus. It does not include Coccidia, Giardia, common worms, mites, or Kennel Cough. These are common treatable bacterial and parasitic problems.


SELLER guarantees that, for a period of two years, should the puppy develop any genetic abnormality that would significantly shorten its life span, the Buyer has the following recourse: The Buyer’s veterinarian can attest to the Seller, in writing and with all supporting lab results, other test results and diagnostic images that provide evidence of such genetic condition. The Seller will, upon receipt of said proof and subsequent confirmation by the Seller’s choice of veterinarian, provide Buyer with a mutually agreed upon replacement puppy as soon as one is available. The purchaser is responsible for all veterinary fees for the affected puppy, as well as transportation and associated expenses for the replacement puppy.


Congenital and genetic diseases which are not life threatening and do not adversely affect the health of the animal are not covered by this guarantee. Such diseases are, but not limited to: grade 1-2 heart murmur, grade 1-2 luxating patellas, localized mange, bladder stones, inverted eyelids and undescended testicles.


BUYER understands and agrees that health issues may occur with any dog and SELLER is not responsible for any medical bills or expenses incurred by these health issues or any conditions related to injury, poor nutrition or mistreatment.






Buyer agrees to provide the proper veterinarian treatment for the puppy, including inoculations, parasite and heartworm treatment as advised by Buyer’s veterinarian. Regular check-ups are all a part of pet ownership and small problems should be treated before they escalate into bigger ones. Furthermore, Buyer agrees to offer a high quality food to this puppy and provide proper socialization opportunities with daily human contact. Until the puppy has received all of the proper vaccinations, it should not be allowed to frequent parks or other areas where dogs may spread contagious bacteria and viruses.


If, for any reason, the Buyer is not able to keep the puppy, Buyer will let the Seller know, offering us the first opportunity to take the puppy back. We will pay for shipping the puppy back to us. These puppies will always be a part of our family!



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I agree to the conditions set forth in this document:








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